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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Honguitos Magicos 2

Entre los ajetreos siempre asoman especímenes interesantes, aqui les comparto los mas flipados...

-- Crazy Penis, paramos de la Virgen.

-- Soldados "WW2". Paramo de Achupallas.

-- Mama y Guagua. Rio Inchillaqui

-- Curiosos. Rio Inchillaqui.

-- Comuna. Ashanga Chakra. 

-- Fabelas. Ashanga Chakra.

-- Rucu Taita. Cayambe.

-- Ring of the Lords. Cayambe.

-- Citadino. Auckland. NZ

-- Pinta Labios. Whirinaki National Forest. NZ

-- Alfombra persa. Whirinaki. NZ

-- Camuflados. Whirinaki. NZ

-- Bastones. Whirinaki. NZ

--  Lancelots. Whirinaki. NZ

-- Cave-shrooms. NZ

--  No se aceptan líquenes blancos. Sorry!


  1. Great mushroom photos! I love mushrooms.

  2. Agree, they have so much character in such a small body + amazing shapes and colors.
    If you look for them there is plenty in the ecuadorian paramos, even though I think the hit up there is the flowers. Soon I will add some flower pics to the blog check them out...