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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cotopaxi 360º

En el 2012, saliendo desde Tumbaco, me di por primera vez la vuelta al Cotopaxi con mi amigo Cass Gilbert (ver fotos). Hace una semana repetimos la pedaleada, esta vez siguiendo el laberinto de caminos y senderos trabajados por nuestros amigos de CIKLA-Vuelta al Cotopaxi en años ateriores. Como paseo o como carrera esta ruta es de chuparse los dedos. 

On 2012 with fellow rider and friend Cass Gilbert (see pics) , I first rode around Cotopaxi. Last week we went back and once more rode around the volcano, this time following the network of trails and dirt roads put together by our friends from CIKLA-Vuelta al Cotopaxi. Wether as a bikepacking trip or as a race if you prefer, an amazing ride.

-- Ticatilin

-- Probando nuevas suelas Maxxis 2.4" / Trying new "shoes", Maxxis 2.4"

-- Comida hecha en casa para mantener las piernas andando / 
Tasty homemade food to keep legs moving

 -- Que haceres de campamento / Campsite duties

-- Un quinde curioso  / A curious hummingbird 

-- Esta guarida nos invita a parar temprano y disfrutar la tarde  /   
This good looking choza calls for an early camp stop. 

-- Postre: El Quilindaña

  -- Escarcha mañanera / Morning Frost

Al acercarnos a un cruce de rio, vemos un perro huyendo, por ahi mismo ya merodean unos curiquingues. Subimos a ver y encontramos un venado muerto, parcialmente sumergido en el agua. Sigue fresco! Entre carroñeros nos comparten las 2 piernas que llenan nuestras alforjas.
As we approach a river crossing we see a big dog running away, a few curiquinges (scavenger bird) are also suspiciously around, we get closer to find a dead deer partially submerged. Still fresh! Between scavengers we divide the food and two legs fill our empty bike bags.



  1. Looks like a great route. Enjoying the new shoes?

  2. Indeed amigo, great route and great new shoes!, you guys should come and ride it at some point.
    Volume wise the Ardents are similar to the Continental 2.2, but stiffer sidewalls. I think they help with a loaded bike.
    I have to admit that after riding the Pugsley every tire seems skinny and a bit useless... he.
    Tractor bike project is on the move and so far I am impressed with how much you can do with that fatty. Thorns are killing me I need to go tubeless. Split tube or tape? no gorilla tape here. Duct tape works?
    Your travels look amazing. Marcela really wants to go ride Eastern Europe with Koru in a year or so. We want to take 6 months, any advice welcome...
    Enjoy the Greek mountains

  3. Great memories! Can't wait to be back and make more (-:

    Do you need Gorilla tape? Split tube method is easy. Quito has Stans, right?

  4. Stans and gorilla tape are home. 20" inner Tubes with removable valves are the missing link... I think we can figure something out once you get here...
    What a nice ride that loop is, great memories for sure...