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This blog is about our life in the Nahual / Palugo community and our travels in Ecuador (for the most part). Topics may vary from mountaineering, hiking, Bike-packing, building, permaculture, photography or other. Se escribe en Español y en Ingles. No hay un idioma definitivo, todo depende del estado de animo del autor. Everything published here follows no order, no language preference or supports any particular activity. It's just a way to share adventures and encounters...
We ride bikes, teach outdoors, build, work as mountain guides/outdoor instructors and work the land on a beautiful organic farm/school that we have developed the last 15 years.

-- Cicleando

-- La Marce, compañera de vida y de aventuras. Fuente inagotable de inspiración.

-- YO

-- Home.

-- Brothers, partners, fellow riders, adventurers and climbers.


  1. Gracias. Estas muy invitado a seguir el blog.
    Revise su proyecto, es una hermosa iniciativa.

  2. Replies
    1. Gracias. Tu blog esta buenazo.
      Me encantan las alforjas de cuero!

    2. esta del putas mich sigue adelante hermano. Como va el Koru

    3. Gracias mi pana querido. Koru va de maravilla. Un abrazo especial a tus chicas.

  3. Hola amigo, and thanks for the note!
    Im almost walking again and when I do I'll head straight back into the wild! Maybe I'll see you there one day!?!
    Say hi to your brother from me if he is around.
    My E-mail is
    Take care Amigo
    Fridjon "freon"

  4. Hola compañero... Iam happy to hear back from. From the distance we are sending you best wishes for your recovery. I hope that the "wild" connects to Ecuador somehow and you get your feet over here. Un abrazo

  5. Excelente blog, expectaculares sitios, hermosas fotografías

  6. Great blog! I lived in Ecuador for 2 years back in the 90's. I yearn to go back and visit with my fat bike. A new group has been started for Fatbike Adventure Riders and we would love to have you and your adventures in our group. Happy riding!

  7. Hola! Thanks for posting this great blog and resource. I teach outdoor education at a college in Vermont and I am interested in connecting with you. I will be taking my family to Ecuador this November/December for a bikepacking/touring, climbing, travel adventure, and to look into future travel and educational opportunities for the college students that I work with. I am familiar with Kroka and see that you work with them. Might you be able to connect with me for ideas on places to visit, bikepacking routes, etc? Perhaps email or Facebook would be easier than the blog, but whatever. Thanks! - Brad

    1. Hi Brad,
      I'am happy to help you plan your visit and give you some advice if I can, my e mail is:
      Cheers - Michael

  8. Comentarios siempre ayudan a dar satisfacción a sus creadores, me suscribo RSS, ánimo, fantásticos, estupendas fotos y vida.