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Camara y Fotos

I use two different cameras for most of my photos.
- A mirrorless Fujifilm XT-1 which is responsible from most of my latest pics. The XT-1 currently works with three lenses a XF35mm, f1.4, a XF18-55mm, f2.8-4.0 and a XC 55-230mm. The whole kit is still small and light enough to come with me on any adventure.

- An Olympus Stylus Z-2. Which becomes my choice for macro photography, video or river expeditions.

75% of my pics are taken on aperture priority mode "A" or manual mode "M". The remaining 30% on speed priority "S". Besides cropping a few images (if strictly necessary) I don't do any computer work on my images.

Cases for both cameras are home-made with old foam pad and duct tape in the case of the Olympus, and a used kayaking skirt cut and sewn into a fancy bag in the case of the XT-1. Both methods work for my needs in terms of protection and  $$$. Buckles are added to the bags according to the needs.

I carry my camera attached to the waist belt of my Osprey bag (see picture below) with a security  line clipped to my sternum strap in case it falls when taking pictures on the move. The system is accessible and fast. 
I use a similar setup for mountain climbing. The XT-1 usually travels inside the Osprey Raptor.

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