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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Abril aguas mil...

Pocos meses en el año Palugo saca a la luz todo su verdor como en Abril. Entre flores, honguitos de monte y verde, mucho verde estamos todos embarcados en proyectos con sabor a vegetales y a tomates frescos. A quesos y yogur. A hierbas medicinales. A construcciones. A bebes a punto de nacer o nacidos. A compost fresco, a vida.

Only few times a year we get the chance to see Palugo covered with such a varied display of green tones. Among flowers and little bush mushrooms, we are all immersed in different projects with a wide variety of flavors. It smells like vegetables and tomatoes. Like cheese and yogurt. Like medicinal herbs and fresh adobe on the new buildings. Smells like babies, some foraging freely, some not born yet. Smells like fresh compost. Like life.

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