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Friday, November 15, 2013

Handmade life y La Cueva

Entre artesanías, pedaleadas y preparaciones para las expediciones de alta montaña que se vienen.

In between crafts, short rides and preparations for the upcoming mountaineering expeditions 

- Double sided spoon crafted by Mathias on driftwood collected from the Arajuno river on the NHESP expedition

-- Bone and leather.
The NHESP students take a look at leather work we've done in the past in order to start their own projects. 

-- Señaletica organica de la Marce...
-- Organic signage by Marcela...

-- Niki, Ayra, Destino...

-- Post for a door...

-- Hole for a door post...

-- Going for a ride. Soche not coming this time.

-- I'am riding the Mariachi on a simplified 2x10 drivetrain with the alternator dropout on its shortest.
-- Simplificando la Salsa Mariachi. Le saque el plato grande y ajuste el "alternator dropout" a lo mas corto.

-- La Ciclovia. Tumbaco.

-- Tuneles...

--...mas tuneles...

-- y finalmente La Cueva de Rafa. Un restaurant en completa oscuridad operado por no videntes.
Una experiencia de sabores.
-- and finally what we came for. Rafa's Cave, a pitch dark "cave restaurant" where only blind people work.
A flavorful experience.

-- Lichens and plants on the cave entrance with (there is no light at all once inside the Cave)

-- Acacias on our garden are blooming...
-- Acacias Palugueñas en flor

-- and a new addition to The Band. Viola.
-- La Viola, nueva cantante de La Banda.