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Monday, May 19, 2014

Arrival... / Llegada


It is a rainy monday morning in Palugo. April surrounds itself with lush greens and there is a certain calm and misty sensation as the sound of the wood burner fills the house. our second night with that his name? Maybe, but it has carried him all these months and now it seems to remain with his tranquil breathing and sleepy motions...he has arrived! 
Thursday night I woke to pee and waters broke at 11pm. We thought we'd have the night to keep resting before we could get up and restock firewood, close the front door with a carpet, I would go for a morning stroll around the farm and I would even have time to dance to some music during the labour....not exactly. By 12.30pm contractions started getting stronger so lying down was not so inviting. Michael stoked the fire and we sat around it talking and feeling this new wave of feelings start to take over. Each one was exponential. By 2am a sensation of inner quietness started to invade and we realised the previous plan might have to take a leap forward. At 4am we called our midwife, sister and friend Bernie who arrived by 5 to find us already in a deep trance of breathing and floor work as the ever increasing power of an arrival took place...uff!... Over the last weeks we've worked hard on getting our wee bathroom set up for this day, it has become a sanctuary of tiled floor, orchids, a good clivus composting toilet and a beautiful tiled tub which was my project for some years now. getting into the water gave me a breath of relief and comfort much 6.20am on friday May 9th, I heard Michael say "I see the head, eyes wide open!" and from under the water in a last powerful and hip-twisting expansion, emerged like a fish the rest of the little hard to summarize and even try to put into words the roller-coaster of life embracing images and dark and light emotions!!
we've been surrounded by light and love these days, and we feel so blessed to have brought this being into the world so lightly and what has felt with the most profound connection to our most primal and instinctive nature. he is a hungry wee boy and as we start tackling this new chapter, we think of all you around us, from different corners of the world who have shared with us parts of this journey and of this magical and humbling experience... Gracias...hope this story finds you well and that we see you Pronto in this side of the the world,




  1. Amazing and beautiful! Best wishes to the family.

  2. Thanks Nick. This two weeks have been an amazing journey with Koru. We are excited to hook up a trailer and explore the trails with him. Saludos from the equator.