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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Colombia y las tierras paisas.

Cargamos bicis, un poco de tereques y nos fuimos pa' Colombia a visitar familia de la Marce. Aprovechamos el viaje para seguir descubriendo rincones de este pais que no deja de sorprender con su geografia, su cultura, su gente y su comida. 4000 kilometros mas tarde estamos de regreso aun saboreando las arepas con queso y el agua de panela.
We loaded the truck with bikes and took off to Colombia on a 20 day road trip to visit Marcela's family. A collage of biking, hiking and horseback riding expeditions took place as we moved north on the Cauca river valley and back south on the Magdalena river. 4000 kms later we are back home still savoring the arepas and the "agua de panela".

                                          -- Down the Cauca valley and up the Magdalena. 4000 km.

-- Surly Pugsley, Specialized Jett and Chariot Cougar + some gear on the back. Three avid travelers on the front. 

Some of the many towns and hamlets we visited along the way...

--...colonial-all white, Popayan

-- Filandia. Classic "pueblito Antioqueño" in the heart of the "Eje Cafetero".

-- Medellin, the busy capital of the department of Antioquia. Salsa, 'Bandeja Paisa' and Marcela's hometown.

-- San Agustin, the starting point of the Magdalena River. Archeological mecca of the country.

One of the things we all enjoyed about colombia is the food. So rich, so diverse...

-- Fruta, fruta, fruta


-- Chonta. Rich fruit of the Chonta-duro palm tree.

-- Coffee beans = Tinto

-- Coco y panela... yum

-- Empanadas con limon y aji.

-- Jugo de 'Lulo' (naranjilla) con pan de Yuca

-- Sancocho de Boca Chico

Side by side with the delicious food, the culture, the music, the colors and the landscape give shape to a country of friendly people who have learnt to live surrounded by conflict.

-- Antioqueños, gente amable, educada y alegre.

-- Elegantes, llenas de color y buen gusto. Las casas en el eje cafetero.

-- Motorcycles are the most common way of transportation. They are everywhere and carry everything.

-- The mysterious rock sculptures of San Agustin.  

-- Koru chases every animal he sees. Dogs, cats, chickens, horses, cows... you name it, he goes for it.

The one and only desert in Colombia. "Desierto de la Tatacoa" is fascinating, hot and great to ride if you can take the heat...

-- Natural spring fed pool at the "Peñon de Constantino" a nice place to stay if you want to explore the area.

-- Lodging happens either on tiny "bareque" huts or in simple wall tents. We choose the roomy tents.

-- Sun dryed mangos for snack.

-- Our trusty Pugsley was happy on this kind of terrain.

-- Mosquito nets are a must if you want to rest.

A few night shots with the 35mm f1.4... love this lens.

While in Tatacoa, we rode either very early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the heat seems to loosen up a tiny bit. We saved the hot midday hours for soaking in the pool and hiding in the shade. The riding is superb, with unlimited amount of dry river beds, goat trails and faint tracks to follow. The scenery and the energy of this place are pretty magical as well.

As soon as you leave Tatacoa, green lush vegetation took over again as we moved South towards San Agustin on the Magdalena river valley.

-- Enamorado de este par de compinches de viaje.

-- Boots, boots and boots.

-- Power nap on the side of the road.

Chao Colombia. Gracias, Pai.


  1. ¡Uauuuu! ¡Qué rico! Felicitaciones

  2. Que chevere Micha. Hermosas fotos, hermosa familia. Saludos! Cris M

    1. Viii!, que bueno saber de tu!... Gracias Cris. Un abrazote. Algun rato ven a conocerle a mi crio...

  3. You are truly amazing people, lucky Koru.

    1. Thanks Mama Lisl,
      I think we are lucky to have people like you and Koru around. That is what makes life amazing.
      (We have a little wall tent for you at our house, whenever you want?!)

  4. These photos make me miss Colombia. Mmmm jugo de lulo, pan de yuca and panela. Sadly we didn't make it to Tatacoa, but we're planning it for the next trip.

    1. Tatacoa is definitely worth a visit. HOT, but amazing!... Iam glad the photos brought you some good memories. Cheers

  5. An extraordinary trip with an extraordinary family! Thanks for sharing! Besos!

    1. Thanks amiga. I have to say the same about you and your boys. Its so amazing to see all the places you are visiting. Enjoy